Now that you’ve completed your green card forms, you’re ready for the final step: the interview.

What is the Purpose of the Green Card Interview?

The purpose of the interview for a marriage-based green card is to show the USCIS officer that you have a real marriage.  This means that the best way to practice for the interview is to talk through the history of your relationship.  Think about it as an excuse to take a walk down memory lane.

There’s two major ways to prove that your marriage isn’t a sham.  One is to bring documents showing your history together, and the other is to know answers to questions that only married people know.

As for documents, think plane tickets together, wedding photos and photos of each other with your families, bank or credit card statements with both of your names, a joint lease or mortgage, and evidence of shared insurance policies.  Feel free to get creative.  Overall, having more than 6 different pieces of evidence helps to build a strong case.

What Will They Ask at my Green Card Interview?

At the interview, you’ll be asked questions about each other and about your relationship together.  Officers don’t typically separate couples for this portion unless there is a high suspicion of a sham marriage.  Grab a third person, and practice answering these questions:

  1. How did you meet?
  2. When did you first know you were right for each other?
  3. What was the proposal like?
  4. How did wedding planning go?
  5. Tell me about your wedding: number of guests, location, dress code, food
  6. Did you go on a honeymoon?
  7. Do either of you have children?
  8. Who pays the bills?  Who cooks?  Who grocery shops?
  9. Which medications does your spouse take?
  10. What does your bedroom look like?
  11. What is your spouse’s phone number?

How Else Can I Prepare for the Green Card Interview?

Rest assured: the interview is a painless experience for most applicants, and it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll have a problem if you’re marriage is legitimate. If you’re still nervous, you may want to think about doing a practice interview with a licensed immigration attorney. Think of it as a nice opportunity to talk about what makes you such a great couple!